Environmental Protection Policy

Abyssinia Pest Control was born out of the need to provide an environmentally, safe and effective pest control service in Ethiopia. Our pesticides and insecticides have been tested and proved to be very environmental friendly and hence does not cause any harm to our ecosystem. The insecticides have been approved by world bodies and local authorities and environmental champions. It's our task as Abyssinia Pest Control to ensure the safety of our environment and our ecosystem in general. A healthy environment is good to all of us. A fresh ecosystem is for the beneficial to us all.

Protecting the Environmental
Pests can cause all kinds of damage to business and domestic environments, but it is Abyssinia Pest Control stated aim to deal with all pest problems in ways that have the least possible impact on the natural environment. Environmental pest control is inherent in all our Research and Development and is always evident in our field operations.

Abyssinia Pest Control led the way in developing sophisticated monitoring and detection systems, so reducing the amount of toxins the environment was exposed to, since action only needs to be taken when problems actually occur. Abyssinia Pest Control also adheres closely to all applicable health and safety legislation and regulations, and we've received several health and safety awards in recent years. Constant innovation is vital to our company — as pests evolve to take advantage of their environment, so does our protection. Here again the emphasis is always on minimal impact to the environment.